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CrossFit and my opinion

CrossFit is a kind of exercise that mixes different activities like gymnastics, lifting weights, running, rowing, and more. The idea of CrossFit is to make a sport that includes many body movements, gets you in good shape, and makes you flexible. 

A lot of people in the fitness world like CrossFit. It’s for athletes and for regular people too. CrossFit workouts are known for their intensity. CrossFit sessions typically involve performing exercises in short bursts with minimal rest periods.

This helps to improve heart health, burns fat, and makes the muscles stronger. 

The central principle in CrossFit lies in the“Workout of the Day“ (WOD), which involves different exercises performed in a short timeframe at high intensity.

The two most popular types are AMRAP (what does it stands for?) and EMOM. In AMRAP, you do a set of exercises in a time limit (10-20 minutes). In EMOM, you do an exercise at the start of every minute. 

 CrossFit exercises are inspired by everyday activities, making you more efficient in moving. This includes lifting heavy things, running, jumping, pulling, pushing, and other functional movements. 

One thing I really like about CrossFit is pushing myself and reaching new goals. Many people like the challenge and tracking their progress. CrossFit works for people of different ages, abilities, and fitness levels. You can adjust the program based on your needs and goals. 

Good trainers are important in CrossFit. They watch over you, instruct you on proper exercise techniques, and ensure a safe training environment.

CrossFit is not just about exercising but also about eating right. Many CrossFit places offer dietary counceling and support a healthy lifestyle. 

If you’re into competitions, there are events like the CrossFit Games. Top athletes from all over the world come to these events to test their limits and skills. 

Besides the physical benefits, a lot of people say CrossFit helps them mentally too. Overcoming challenges, building discipline and endurance, and gaining more self-control and confidence are all factors that contribute to mental fortitude and resilience.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost two years. I’m grateful to be part of the big Falcon1 CrossFit community in Bratislava. I like training with others and under the guidance of experienced trainers not only enhances my workout experience but also underscores the importance of proper form and technique in achieving fitness goals effectively.

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Olexandr Syrskyj

Syrskyj: Ukrajinci sa zahryzli do krajiny, no Rusov je násobne viac. Putin chce ovládnuť Časiv Jar do osláv 9. mája

14.04.2024 16:40

Časiv Jar, ktorý leží neďaleko od už ovládnutej Avdijivky, je pod neustálou paľbou.

Medveď hnedý

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14.04.2024 15:19, aktualizované: 15:40

Na miesto boli vyslaní leteckí záchranári.

blaha ľuboš

Blaha: Nového šéfa NR SR budeme riešiť pravdepodobne až po eurovoľbách

14.04.2024 14:31

Poslanec Jozef Hajko (KDH) vníma v tejto otázke taktizovanie zo strany premiéra Roberta Fica.

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Bakteriologická vojna Washingtonu proti Moskve? Rusko dobyla jedovatá invázna rastlina

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V súlade so zvykom ruských predstaviteľov hádzať vinu za všetky problémy krajiny na Západ, poslanec Štátnej dumy prišiel s vlastným vysvetlením.


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